The Microsoft Theater I say has a grid system from when it was built to look this way. Looking from Staples Center you can see this and see that the tiles and tower things on the side are made to look at the big screen. Then the building also has the columns.

This building in downtown LA I made sure you focus on the side of the building that is a very different color. You can see the grid they used to even out windows.

Garage doors always have some type of column or rows. This one goes beyond that as the sides are also aligned in a grid.

My truck the grill has to be placed in the right place to make sure it has a mean look. The image is divided by where I thought you can draw a line across. You see rectangles and they are not that far apart in size.

This iPhone wallpaper a grid had to be used so it can be placed the correct way. Right in the center of the art board. It has a symmetrical balance to it.

The last image a fake website created in illustrator. Any website always needs a grid system as well to make sure everything is placed correctly.

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