Visual Diary: Line

All these images have some type of line in them These are all images from my past diaries. Just with added words and where the lines are. Lines are everywhere in this world. Bur manipulating an image with type and lines can help the image stand out. For. example, the charger the lights looks like […]

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The Microsoft Theater I say has a grid system from when it was built to look this way. Looking from Staples Center you can see this and see that the tiles and tower things on the side are made to look at the big screen. Then the building also has the columns. This building in […]

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Effects of Scale

All these images have some sort of scaling that effect composition and perception. The first is of a shoe used as a car with someone driving. Kind of a bumper car looking shoe. The shoe does point at a stop sign that catches everyone’s attention even when that small. The second is of a guy […]

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Visual Path

These images that I took and edited I think have some sort of visual path. They guide the eye in some way through the image. The YOU MAD? image I decided to make because at first glance you see the YOU MAD? with the Adidas logo and stripes. That makes one look down and leads […]

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