Visual Diary: Line

All these images have some type of line in them These are all images from my past diaries. Just with added words and where the lines are. Lines are everywhere in this world. Bur manipulating an image with type and lines can help the image stand out. For. example, the charger the lights looks like eyes but also looks like its beaming towards the year of the car. The marmalade sign with added lines takes you through the whole image. Then points out the dangerous part of the image. All these images have something to tell and the lines point it out.


The Microsoft Theater I say has a grid system from when it was built to look this way. Looking from Staples Center you can see this and see that the tiles and tower things on the side are made to look at the big screen. Then the building also has the columns.

This building in downtown LA I made sure you focus on the side of the building that is a very different color. You can see the grid they used to even out windows.

Garage doors always have some type of column or rows. This one goes beyond that as the sides are also aligned in a grid.

My truck the grill has to be placed in the right place to make sure it has a mean look. The image is divided by where I thought you can draw a line across. You see rectangles and they are not that far apart in size.

This iPhone wallpaper a grid had to be used so it can be placed the correct way. Right in the center of the art board. It has a symmetrical balance to it.

The last image a fake website created in illustrator. Any website always needs a grid system as well to make sure everything is placed correctly.

Effects of Scale

All these images have some sort of scaling that effect composition and perception.

The first is of a shoe used as a car with someone driving. Kind of a bumper car looking shoe. The shoe does point at a stop sign that catches everyone’s attention even when that small.

The second is of a guy at LACMA. The image makes him look so much bigger than the people behind him. The lights also look scaled from where he is. Now if you look behind you can see it leads straight to the back with more people who look small.

The third image I scaled an apple and banana. The colors already attract everyone so why not put that and see if someone can look at that rather than the McDonald’s inspired ice cream.

The Do Not Look is way bigger than the Look Here. Which right away we look even though it specially says not to. The gradient background makes the you follow it to the red Look Here which I made it like that to attract the eye.

The sunset is always an eye catcher so why not have a trash can in the middle which is big enough to have you wonder why it’s there. It also makes you look to the right where there are people who are way smaller.

The last image is of ATV riders. The front girl is actually way smaller than the guy in the back. But this view makes her look bigger. If you continue even deeper you see more people and houses.

Visual Path

These images that I took and edited I think have some sort of visual path. They guide the eye in some way through the image.

The YOU MAD? image I decided to make because at first glance you see the YOU MAD? with the Adidas logo and stripes. That makes one look down and leads to the Air Jordan 1’s. Some hype beast get mad when they see this because it is two rival brands worn together thus the YOU MAD? slogan.

The second image is of a frame at the entrance of an apartment. At first glance you see the word Home in bold. From there it leads you to the cursive writing is where your story begins. At the same time the image is leading you into the apartment.

The fruit I noticed the top with the fruit and vegetables. The eyes then slide down literally to the pumpkins and acorn.

The image with the iPhone I like because I used the manual focus to focus on the phone but it still leads the eye to the LAbios Rojos Dad Hat. The eyes then go down again to the white Air Jordan 1’s.

The Charger always is an eye catcher new or old. When looking at both these images first thing that you see is the front of the Charger because it is a work of art. They both lead you to the middle of the car. Then from there they lead you to Edgar both in the car and outside looking back at it.

All these images show some sort of visual path in my eyes. They lead you through the image and have you look at the image with better understanding of what is being told.

My First Blog Entry: Balance in Design

Here I have six images of different kinds of balance in design. There are three that I am currently learning about with it being Symmetry, Asymmetry and Imbalance. These can be found anywhere. From your house to the street. You can even create some yourself on Photoshop, Illustrator etc. I decided to find some in the real world. Working in a restaurant I found a lot of symmetry balanced things. If you are hungry I suggest you look away.The bar and image of the candles are symmetry because they balanceĀ each other out with equal items on each side. Asymmetry would be the Halibut and asparagus along with the Prime Rib plate. Imbalance would be The Grill napkin and Marmalade sign because they are on a random spot not balancing with anything else. These are all things I think went with its specific type of balance.